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Double Prom

Woman's Realm / 15 July 1961

A lovely example of a double-page spread advert, which crop up occasionally in my collection, presumably because they must have been considerably more expensive than a one-page advert. This looks like a new product launch for the home perming application Prom, and we’ve seen later adverts on this site promoting the ‘Pink Rose’ and ‘White Rose’ variants. At least they pretend they like their customers in this one…

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Jamie on 23 January 2015 @ 7pm

Not just considerably more expensive – very hard to do if both pages are going to be in colour like here. They would need to very carefully paginate the magazine to get two facing colour pages, something they usually avoided (you’ll notice that colour is usually on the same side of the paper whenever it appears through a magazine) as it caused no end of trouble with printing plates. I’d expect a colour double-page, non-centre-spread advert to cost very very much more than two full page adverts, even two full page adverts in colour not facing each other. Prom must’ve been a big investment for Gillette.

Tanya Jones on 23 January 2015 @ 7pm

Thanks, Jamie! I hadn’t considered the technical aspects, but of course you’re quite right, it would have caused a lot of trouble…

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