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Woman's Weekly / 2nd April 1965

Right. So this advert’s saying that you can’t attend family events if your hair’s a bit of a state, as if any of your loved ones would really give a damn. Still, Prom does look tempting; after all, you might get flirted with by a camp-looking photographer!

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Anonymous on 14 July 2011 @ 5pm

“Just one lotion so you can’t get muddled.” *rolls eyes*

Tanya Jones on 15 July 2011 @ 7am

Well, she IS only a woman, after all. I’m reminded of the BSM ad which reassures women that now they have more machines for housework, they’d be able to drive, also on this site:

Judes on 15 July 2011 @ 3pm

*Sigh*. That anonymous comment and the one on the TCP post was me.

Jam Shambles on 16 July 2011 @ 3pm

Well, I don’t want to let my daughter down on a very important day, but my hair is a bit rubbish! What’s a woman to do?!

Estelle on 21 July 2011 @ 11am

Yes, you definitely wouldn’t look like a grandmother with a perm.

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