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Men Only / July 1950

Always nice to see one of the adverts which inspired this Viz parody many years later.

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Estelle on 3 October 2014 @ 11am

This advert’s working on me. That looks like fun and I don’t even smoke!

Tanya Jones on 3 October 2014 @ 11am

Ha! That reminds me of someone at sixth form college telling me that smoking was social, because you were forced out in a group of people, rather than anti-social. He had a point, but not in the way he thought…

mags on 28 November 2016 @ 11pm

My auntie smoked these. She was a nurse. If she only had filters to hand she lit up the filtered end.She was kind of the same shade as the lady in the picture but was very leathery close up.

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