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Secrets of the Frost Programme

Woman's Own / 30 September 1967

The man himself left us a year ago today, of course, so perhaps this is an excellent time to highlight this gem of a feature from 46 years ago. The historical interest of this cleverly written ‘day in the life’ of The Frost Programme (and, by extension, the man himself) is obvious, but it’s interesting that this sort of piece would be unlikely to feature in a woman’s magazine today. I have to admit that this piece is unusual in my collection, so I suspect that this piece appeared in Women’s Own due to the importance of the programme, rather than it being part of a theme. I’m extremely grateful to Janice James for producing such a fascinating piece, although sadly there’s next to nothing of her work online, presumably due to her retiring before the WWW was in wide usage.

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Estelle on 4 September 2014 @ 7pm

Loved this, thanks for putting it up. Like the fact that David Frost is “the one with the funny hair”. Like when Bob takes the piss out of Terry for his hilarious hair in the Likely Lads when both have bog standard normal hair to us now! Also – tall, dark and handsome William G Stewart.

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