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Men Only / July 1950

Now, these ads really WERE written by drunkards, weren’t they? “Cheer up!” and “THIS IS THE GIN” indeed.

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Matty on 24 August 2014 @ 5pm

“Men Only” – that’s rather defensive. Are they worried women smokers are going to knock the testosterone off their macho way of developing cancer? The “Cheer Up” is quite interesting as well, an advert reflecting the gloomy post-war austerity?

And “This Is The Gin”, imagine having to sign-off the cheque to the copywriting company after being delivered that one.

Tanya Jones on 24 August 2014 @ 5pm

The ‘Men Only’ is the name of the magazine, but seeing as you mention it, there is an air of frightened men being scared of women muscling in on their territory throughout the ads and articles :D

I like your theory about cheering up people after the war! “15 minutes’ pleasure and satisfaction” must have been a tempting prospect when rationing was still in effect.

Estelle on 25 August 2014 @ 1pm

I really like the quantifiable claim of 15 minutes pleasure.

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