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Heinz Oxtail Soup

Woman and Home / 1st January 1962

Silly me, it’s ‘Ox Tail’, of course. The reference to the soup being ‘laced with sherry’ may well account for the expressions on the couples’ faces. Also, has anyone drunk soup out of a tin in a cup like that? I thought that was just Cup-A-Soup…

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Estelle on 13 April 2010 @ 9pm

Mmm, love Heinz Oxtail (Ox Tail) soup. Does it still have sherry in it? Bet not.

TheLeen on 13 April 2010 @ 10pm

Young Bruce Campbell likes it.

Martin Fenton on 17 April 2010 @ 3pm

The accompanying TV advert also showed the models drinking it out of cups, in front of a roaring fire.

And, no, it doesn’t contain sherry these days. I hesitate to admit that I checked!

Nick on 22 April 2010 @ 9am

Oxtail soup from a cup is a real adventure. The little pieces of meat sink to the bottom and you get them all in the last, climactic mouthful. Of course this means you can’t really use a straw.

Martin Fenton on 23 April 2010 @ 4pm

Nick, you’ve just reminded me of the joy of having a Thermos flask of Heinz Oxtail and two rounds of bread cut into quarters in my school sandwich box in the winter. Those last two mouthsful were like dredging a canal.

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