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Disc and Music Echo / 23 November 1968

Crikey, this is really a bumper crop of single reviews, and all pleasingly short, too. Getting the feel of a single in that small space takes skill, so well done to Caroline Boucher, who I assume has written this, as there’s no other credit on this page.

This is packed with notables of the time, such as Sandy Denny, Fleetwood Mac, Danny La Rue, Marion Ryan, Kenny Lynch and Roger Whittaker, but also shows the age in which its written with the psychedelic band Tuesday’s Children, and the unusual John D. Loudermilk. One big advantage of ’60s pop from my point of view is the variety of acts that got in the charts, which I think gave the music landscape back then a certain vivacity. I suspect the eventual drive towards a celebrity, rather than music-driven, industry took the fun out of pop music a bit.

But what of Caroline Boucher? I’m pleased to see that she appears to still be active in journalism, having edited the Observer Food Monthly as recently as 2013, and had what must have been a very entertaining stint in the 1970s as Elton John’s PR representative, replacing her ex-Disc colleague Penny Valentine.

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