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British Blues Boom

Disc and Music Echo / 23 November 1968

Well, what a useful guide to British blues bands this is, along with some recommended clubs. It’s not immune to the usual factionalism that comes along with much music fandom, however!

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Ian Harris on 17 December 2017 @ 11am

With my Blues band The Earth, we ran The Coffin Club in Gerrard Street, Soho in 1968. In the “This is where it’s at” piece on the right The Coffin Club is at the end of the list.
Disc & Music Echo also wrote a review of the club sometime in late 1968…I’m still searching for that! You can read the whole story on my website- follow the link.

I am amazed that you should publish the very page with The Coffin Club in it! Gratifying….thankyou!

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