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Electronic Pencil?

Woman and Home / 1st January 1962

Yes, an electronic pencil. Not an electric pencil, like you thought. Electrolysis is still used to remove hair, but it’s generally advised nowadays to consult a trained professional, rather than muck about with electric shock equipment at home. What I want to know is: what do wristbands have to do with the whole thing?

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Dave on 11 February 2010 @ 12pm

“To Lady Manager”

How patronising is that?

Red Scharlach on 11 February 2010 @ 4pm

An electronic pencil sounds like something the Doctor tried out and rejected, before settling for a sonic screwdriver.

I suppose you could use one to fight a Yeti, disintegrating it one hair at a time.

Tanya Jones on 12 February 2010 @ 1am

Dave: I think they were trying to make customers believe that their order would be handled discreetly by a woman, rather than a sniggering bloke in a warehouse.

Red: I keep hearing ‘detachable penis’ in my head. Not sure what that says about me.

Estelle on 12 February 2010 @ 11am

“Destroy” hair? A bit frightening.

Tanya Jones on 12 February 2010 @ 12pm

Destroy the evil hair!

Von Paz on 1 July 2010 @ 9pm

“Electromedica” sounds like a crazy evil future corporation ready to rule the world.

Mike on 9 January 2012 @ 11pm

I have one of these complete in box that has a snakeskin covering on, its even complete with a bottle of needles and batteries to, you can still get batteries to fit to. On the box it has made in England brit pat no 706219. The Electronic pencil Electromedica co ltd Bournmouth. This was used to remove hair on the skin.

Anonymous on 29 February 2012 @ 4am

“Lady Manager”….now, does that mean a female manager or someone who manages the ladies? As it’s 1962 I suspect the latter

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