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Alliance Foodstores

Woman's Own / 20th March 1970

Ah, yet another food store chain lost to the mists to time, here. This is just for historical interest: the prize of £100 to spend in a leading London fashion store (in an era where the average female wage was around £1000 per year), so assuming the prize was about 10% of the yearly average female wage, the prize money would probably be around £2500 today (with £250 runner-up vouchers, if we assume they represent 1% of the yearly average female wage). Cor!

Of course, the women of 1970 would have had to put in far more effort to locate the era when the bonnet pictured was in fashion (actually, it doesn’t specify whether they need a year, or era), as they didn’t have the wonderful world of the internet to help them out. My guess, helped by this site, and the reference to the song Daisy Bell is Edwardian-era (1901-1910). Does anyone have a different guess?

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durakje on 28 September 2009 @ 11am

Alliance Foodstores sold cat meat?

And let’s not even discuss poor Ken…

Beelzebub on 28 September 2009 @ 11am

Sunday tea – corned beef sandwiches followed by tinned peaches and evaporated milk.

I can smell lavender Pledge – solid furniture polish in a flat tin, not an aerosol.

Tanya Jones on 28 September 2009 @ 2pm

I like ‘Kattomeat’ and ‘Kennomeat’: presumably for cats and dogs respectively!

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