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Someone Isn’t Using Amplex

Woman / 5th May 1967

They may have well just said: ‘Nyah nyah! Smelly!’. However, deodorant ads aren’t all that different nowadays, with this example proving the point, with the rather insidious phrase ‘Beauty is freedom’. Try telling that to political prisoners, you bunch of tits.

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Beelzebub on 29 September 2009 @ 11am

The hilarious thing about Amplex is that it didn’t bloody work! It was the first anti-perspirant I ever bought, for 19 1/2p from Rite-Aid (which is what Superdrug used to be called).

Tanya Jones on 29 September 2009 @ 11am

The only one that’s worked for me (to a certain level) is Mitchum, but I don’t know whether I’ll pay the price later on in life with some hideous pit-cancer. Still, at least I won’t smell in the meantime. I’m amused at Superdrug’s original name :)

Londis on 4 October 2009 @ 5am

What’s the tablet form, then? Please tell me people didn’t swallow anti-perspirant pills.

Tanya Jones on 4 October 2009 @ 10pm

That confused me, too, but I think they’re referring to bad breath pills!

Gill S. on 16 December 2011 @ 10pm

I recall another ad on this blog referring to the tablets being an “internal deodorant” or somesuch…which suggests to me that they weren’t just breath fresheners. I’d love to know what was in the things!!

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