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Robin Starch

Woman's Weekly / 11th July 1969

Spray starch is still sold, of course, but starched clothes have been out of fashion for quite some time. It seems that the ‘easy care’ revolution of the 1960s changed attitudes forever, and I’m not surprised. Who, after all, really wants to make their life more difficult?

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Jamie on 3 December 2013 @ 4pm

I had a bunch of M&S shirts about 15 years ago that went… limp, I suppose, after one wash. A bottle of spray starch brought the collars up a treat. And ruined my steam iron. Incompatible technologies?

Tanya Jones on 3 December 2013 @ 4pm

Interesting! I had a quick look online and there is a suggestion that spray starch can clog up the holes on an iron, but nothing to suggest that you absolutely shouldn’t use both together.

Jude Gibbons on 3 December 2013 @ 8pm

My mother’s ex-neighbour (my mother moved, not the neighbour) tried spray starch once and couldn’t get on with it so she mixes her own. She’s 96. We don’t know we’re born.

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