Gypsy Creams

Soviet Miss World

Weekend / 30th January 1974

There’s plenty to enjoy here, of course, but I like the implication that Soviet men are suffering due to the lack of totty to wank over, and am curious as to whether the competitions to see which wives carried out their ‘duties’ were a regular thing in the USSR. There was a practical point being made by Soviet Sport, however, in that a competition based on looks WAS a political problem in the enormous and ethnically diverse USSR. Don’t worry, though, the treatment of women as accessories of men (albeit through their domestic work) still meant that it wasn’t all that different to the decadent West.

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Matty on 17 August 2013 @ 3pm

I doubt that it was an issue of ethnic diversity in the USSR so much as Marxist ideology which is officially strictly non-prejudiced. The “Soviet reality”, however, seems to have been that the USSR was far more sexist than the West; I’m struggling to think of a single Soviet woman other that Mrs Gorbachev, and that due to her husband, who rose to any sort of position of international prominence, it was a country dominated by old men.

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