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Select Seven Girls From Paisley

Weekend / 30th January 1974

Yes, you read that correctly. They want you to rank seven ‘girls’ (they look like women to me) from the list, and then rank them in order of ‘merit’. Even considering the popularity of Miss World at this time, which is the ultimate symbol of ranking women against each other simply based on their sex, this is still a ludicrous way of winning a car. To be fair, I published a similar competition which featured in Women’s Own, but at least they had the good grace to stick with various photos of a named, well known man, rather than comparing random men against each other.

Regular readers may have noticed that this comes from a different source than the rest of my posts. This is an issue of Weekend magazine, from the week beginning 30 January 1974. It took me a little time to try and figure out exactly what demographic this magazine was aimed at, but then I saw where it was based: Northcliffe House, home of the Mail. This was a weekly version of the Mail, in essence. You’ll see the similarities in future posts…

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