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Weekend / 30th January 1974

Times may have changed, but the descriptions of the women footballers marry have not. Who knows if poor Jutta ever achieved anything by herself?



Matty on 29 July 2012 @ 3pm

Can someone really have a “Yul Brynner haircut”?

Tanya Jones on 29 July 2012 @ 4pm

An extremely good point.

Boggenstrovia on 5 August 2012 @ 7pm

Footballers who actually look older then they are – Number 723…

But was his haircut Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven, The King and I or Westworld? Shaved head in the same way that swimmers shave their body hair? I bet he didn’t get many goals with his head at all because the ball would keep on sliding off it…

Tanya Jones on 6 August 2012 @ 9pm

I was thinking that he looked a lot older, but it does seem to be the case that people look younger nowadays. Just compare William Hartnell, who looked in his 70s when he was actually in his 50s, with Christopher Eccleston, who was in his early 40s when playing Doctor Who, but who looked in his early 30s.

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