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The Banking Revolution

Woman's Own / 20th June 1969

Obviously there’s a lot of fun to be had when looking at old advertisements, but occasionally an ad will slap you round the face with a sign saying ‘THIS IS THE FUTURE’. This ad from Midland Bank is quite staggering for someone of my age, as it’s speaking to my mother’s generation, and is absolutely right; the computer age did revolutionise banking. It’s quite likely that my mother wouldn’t have had a bank account at that point, yet I remember clearly opening my Natwest Piggy Bank account at the age of around 5 in the mid-1980s. Yes, I did collect all the pigs. No, I don’t have them all now. Yes, I know how much they’re worth now. Bah.

It’s rare to find an ad so clearly signposting the future, but it’s thrilling when you do.

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