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Shredded Wheat

Woman's Realm / 11th March 1967

This ad attracted me because of the little illustrations around the text, but what struck me about this was the way that Shredded Wheat was marketed then the same way as Shreddies are now, i.e. keeping your loved one full until lunch. It’s especially interesting that the tone is the same as well, because Shreddies are aimed at children, continuing the trend we’ve seen in some ads that husbands were to be looked after just like you would a child. Given that Shredded Wheat is now marketed as a product which is good for your heart, it’s a bit weird to see the serving suggestion ‘lots of milk’n sugar’! Let’s hope the little diddums got off to work all right!

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Woman and Home / 1st January 1962

Wow, so much hilarity in one advert. Firstly, a brand of bog roll called ‘Bronco’, and secondly, the idea that men were scared to talk about toilet tissue. Really? Would it not be more accurate to state that they probably didn’t care that much? I have no idea how pleasant this product was, but from the picture, I wouldn’t mind speculating that ‘Bronco’ referred to the way you walked after using it. It gave me ‘fond’ memories of ‘Izal’

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After Eights

Woman's Own / 14th July 1967

I’m trying to work out what the message of this ad is. I’m drawing a blank so far. Are they trying to tell women that buying After Eight mints will turn them into middle-class bores?

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Smooth Hands for Baby…

Woman's Weekly / 9th March 1957

Because, y’know, a bit of rough skin might damage them irreversibly, or something. All part of the rather depressing message sent to women that they not also had to work all the day long in the house, but they couldn’t show any symptoms of having done so, because reality might upset not only their husband, but their children as well.

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Woman's Weekly / 2nd August 1957

Crikey, this is the advertising equivalent of shouting “GET ON WITH YOUR BLOODY WORK AND STOP MOANING!” in some poor woman’s face. Note that no-one’s casting doubt on whether the husband’s the same man she married, probably because, well, yes, he IS: because when he got married, all he did was swap his mum for his wife, with regular sex as an added extra. And if his wife wasn’t happy with that? Well, it must be HER fault…

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Egg Cookery

Woman's Own / 21st March 1969

“You can’t feed a family without breaking eggs.” I think vegan families may beg to differ, but I chose this ad because I thought it was visually striking, as well as being amusing in itself. I miss all these marketing boards for food staples; the leek pie ad was placed by the Flour Marketing Board.

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The BSM Reach Out to Women

Woman's Own / 21st March 1969

Oh my. Don’t you just love the sorts of adverts which patronise women horribly, whilst being under the impression they’re doing them a favour? Reading this advert, you wouldn’t have thought that women in the UK have actually been driving since around WW1, although, to be fair, I do remember my mother telling me that ‘women didn’t drive’ when she was growing up. I’m particularly tickled by the idea that, because housewives were coping with more complex domestic gadgets by 1969, they were better equipped to tackle a big scary car. You can’t fault the moral “a washing machine today – the family chauffeur tomorrow!”, either. Oh. Sorry. You can.

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10 Most Bizarre Sexist Adverts

Wow. Although I’m very happy bringing you the best/worst of advertising from my own collection, the Times have displayed a collection of images from blogs who are focusing on outrageously sexist adverts. My favourite is the Lysol advert, which made me cover my lady parts in horror, especially when the ad talked about alternative ‘remedies’, like salt. Salt?! Enjoy, gentle readers…

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Sexism with Lucozade…

Woman's Weekly / 26th July 1957

Yes, no wonder John grumbled, when he was used to women looking after him all day from birth. Why would he understand how tiring housework actually was pre-white goods, when he never had to do it? Luckily, Lucozade is marketed as a sports energy drink nowadays: for BOTH sexes.

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It’s another problem page!

Woman's Own / 29th September 1967

Here’s another agony aunt: this time, Mary Grant of Woman’s Own. Obviously there’s around 10 years difference between this page and Mary Marryat’s, but there’s a definite difference in tone with Mary Grant, and I like her a lot more. Her advice to the poor woman being hounded to have more children (I wonder if her husband would have the same opinion if he had to carry the child and give birth to it?) is sound, with her advice to just about everyone else on the page also fair and level-headed. In the context of the time, her advice to the last writer does make sense, although nowadays, thankfully, the writer would be freer to leave a man who was treating her badly and to sort out her life. In 1967, it was very difficult indeed to be a single mother.

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