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Sweet-Eatin’ Kelloggs

Woman's Realm / 15 July 1961

Nope, not an April Fool, but a reminder of how times have changed!

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Woman's Weekly / 16th May 1969

A blatant appeal to nostalgia. Does anyone remember Tuf shoes?

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Licking the nuts off a large Neapolitan?

Woman's Weekly / 13th June 1969

I’m sorry. Humphrey Lyttelton said it, not me. Anyway, I finally found the Neapolitan Gaiety version of this rather fabulous series of ads.

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Sally Magazine

Woman's Weekly / 15th May 1969

I don’t know whether I’m misremembering, but I could swear that I recall Sally magazine. It looks pretty good to me: check out the free cameo ring! Even the puppy likes it! Also, the comic strip stars are sublime: Viz could have a field day with Masie’s Magic Eye and Farm Boss Fanny.

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Serve eggs, save money…

Woman's Weekly / 4th April 1969

I’ve featured this Egg Marketing Board’s campaign before, but that lad’s expression is definitely worth sharing.

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Miss Pears 1969

Woman's Weekly / 23rd May 1969

I imagine most people reading this will remember the Miss Pears competition, which promoted the Pears soap brand in the UK. There’s a newspaper article online suggesting that it ended in around 1997, in reaction to a change in demographic, but it’s a shame that the official Pears site doesn’t work properly in Firefox OR IE8 (seriously, Pears?), so I’ve got no idea what the official reason is!

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Strawberries and Cream, my arse.

Woman's Weekly / 23rd May 1969

A Happy New Year to all my readers. Now the holiday celebrations are over, we traditionally have to give our wallets a rest and look for more frugal desserts. The makers of Angel Delight knew this, hence the rather wild claims of this advert. I’ve tasted Strawberry Angel Delight, and I can’t say that strawberries and cream leapt to mind. Perhaps we need to wish really hard…

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Sam’s Special

Woman's Weekly / 9th May 1969

The British Egg Marketing Board strikes again! This kind of cute little chap is sadly absent from advertising nowadays, as is the term ‘Aunt ‘Et’. I’m trying to figure out which name he’s shortening here: Hettie (presumably a shortening itself of Henrietta)? Harriet?

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Woman's Weekly / 16th May 1969

Ooh my, I can’t imagine little boys’ bottoms featuring in print ads nowadays. A shame, because all that does is increase the perception that they ARE sexualised, when most people don’t react like that to children. I’m rather taken with this little chap, because he looks like my boyfriend did when he was small. Aww.

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For the swinging school set…

Woman's Realm / 18th March 1967

I picked this for the marvellous language and colours used in the shoe ad, but I thought I’d leave in the iron ad as evidence that in 40 years, the only real change in iron technology is the steam generator iron. As an aside, I remember a lodger my family had in the early ’80s asking for a steam iron, and my mother having to tell him that we hadn’t got one: we couldn’t afford it! Steam irons are a lot cheaper nowadays…

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