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The Heinz Definition of Motherhood

Woman's Weekly / 11th July 1969

Ah, the Pandora’s Box that is child rearing. Obviously, it would have been in Heinz’s interests to promote their foods as the ideal weaning solution, and it’s interesting that these foods still cause controversy today, as what was reported as a link between industrially-produced baby food to childhood obesity in the UK media, actually, erm, isn’t. However, the main point I have about this advert is that copy which is ostensibly intended to reassure new mothers actually provokes anxiety in me; a clever skill!

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Woman's Weekly / 4th April 1969

Well, this is interesting. I don’t recall the 12-oz jar being in supermarkets when I grew up, probably because it must have surely caused the sauce to go EVERYWHERE, especially if the consumers had the habit of giving the end a sharp slap, developed by the regular design. It wasn’t until my teens that I saw the squeezable bottles of ketchup, which at last gave some control over the contents. Of course, there was an option of decanting the sauce into the iconic tomato-shaped squeezers, but this probably wasn’t something which caught on in a domestic setting.

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Heinz Salad Cream

Woman's Own / 14th July 1967

…and APPLE? *vomits in corner* And bacon and egg? *vomits in the middle of the floor*

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