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Quick Work!

Woman / 23rd December 1967

Isn’t this dress FAB? And I know at least two friends of mine that would love to make it.


Agh! My eyes!

Woman's Weekly / 4th April 1969

Groo. Still, they sound nice and flammable from the description, so you can easily ‘accidentally’ set fire to them. Burning down the rest of the house would almost be worth it.

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Woman's Weekly / 11th April 1969

If anyone can explain to me what the connection is between wearing a girdle and walking in front of a desert backdrop, let me know using the link on the front page.

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Woman's Realm / 31st March 1967

Mmm…bri-nylon. Nothing clever to say about this one: it just caught my eye because of its clear lines and good use of colour. I bet the clothes weren’t as nice, though…

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Do you have a gay slant?

Woman's Realm / 18th March 1967

Eeh, I’m a one.

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Woman's Realm / 18th March 1967

Suddenly…her belly button disappeared. Was it the ‘Tric-O-Lastic’?

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Woman's Realm / 6th October 1967

If you came from a working class background, like myself, then you’ll probably recognise these. My grandmother had a Moppet painting, along with all matter of tasteless figurines, which I presume she picked up from ads just like these. Lovely.

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Berlei Teenform

Woman's Realm / 31st March 1967

I’m…not sure where to start with this one. Me and my boyfriend found ourselves writhing around in our seats with discomfort whilst reading the ad, and certainly the language alone is enough to put it in first place in the ‘Adverts Totally Made of Wrong’ category on Gypsy Creams. Actually, I may provide that as a category when the site’s given an overhaul later in the year.

But the language isn’t the only problem (although the ‘Berlei Teenform Littlest Darling’ is enough to distract you from anything else). This ad totally blows out of the water the oft-written about idea that the ‘Tweenage’ market is something new, with the odd name ‘beTweenager’, and the suspicious assertions that teenage girls need Berlei’s special bras. And that’s not all! Berlei have a whole range of girdles to ‘help’ your daughter’s posture. Oddly enough, in a world where girdles are no longer in fashion, we haven’t got young women bent double in the street, possibly because your posture is largely a matter for your core muscle groups, rather than a nylon strait-jacket.

As for the dire warnings that a teenager should NEVER wear an adult bra: well, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence to support this. I do remember reading a recommendation in a teenage magazine that girls shouldn’t wear an underwired bra until their breasts are fully grown, but I started wearing underwires from 14ish, and mine don’t seem to be an abnormal shape. In fact, the wide variance in size and shape of breasts suggests that there isn’t really that well defined a ‘norm’ to deviate from anyway, and there certainly doesn’t seem to be any evidence that there’s any connection between bras and breast cancer either.

So Berlei seem to have cooked up some copy here that The Daily Mail would be proud of: full of unsubstantiated assertions, scaremongering and of, frankly, a rather worrying tone. I must apologise for any nausea that results from reading this advert.

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Deptford Draylons, anyone?

Woman's Realm / 6th October 1967

Blimey, she really isn’t wearing anything under that negligee, is she? Unfortunately, brushed nylon rather reminds me of the Deptford Draylons ad parody in ‘Smashie and Nicey: The End of an Era’. Anyway, for those who are interested, 5 guineas (gns) equals 105 shillings, which makes this offer nearly half price. According to this currency converter, this equals to around £65 in today’s prices. For brushed nylon? What a rip off!

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Hush Puppies

Woman's Realm / 11th March 1967

“Breathing brushed pigskin”, now that’s a phrase that I’ve NEVER seen used to sell shoes! I love the bassett hound in this photo, and it’s a nice example of period footwear, for the fashionistas amongst you.

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