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Sexism with Lucozade…

Woman's Weekly / 26th July 1957

Yes, no wonder John grumbled, when he was used to women looking after him all day from birth. Why would he understand how tiring housework actually was pre-white goods, when he never had to do it? Luckily, Lucozade is marketed as a sports energy drink nowadays: for BOTH sexes.

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Take the Pain Away, Mummy!

Woman's Weekly / 9th March 1957

Hm. I don’t have a problem with giving children something to ease symptoms of illness at all, but I don’t think this type of emotional blackmail is quite on, do you?

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FDS: Fanny Don’t Smell?

Woman's Own / 16th August 1968

Goodness me. These kinds of products are still available, of course, but I’ve never seen them get full page spreads in magazines like this. Now, I’m not going to argue that menses is the most pleasant of substances, but I can honestly say that I’ve never been able to smell when another woman is on the blob. Basic personal hygiene can normally be relied upon to avoid becoming a public menace, because, although it’s unmistakable up close, the smell doesn’t usually wander out of the crotch area.

Also, these products aren’t only not needed, they’re not good for the vaginal area either. The vagina is a clever little thing, which cleans itself, and anything that upsets the chemical balance up there can cause more problems than it claims to solve, as this article will tell you. Still, it didn’t stop the ‘Ethical-product’ division of Alberto-Culver spending time and money saving women from their FILTHY natural functions. If you were feeling sure about yourself before you read this, you probably weren’t afterwards.

Anyway, I presume FDS stands for ‘Feminine Deodorant Spray’ from the scan, rather than my hilarious guess, but are there any other suggestions?

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