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We Must Have Lots More Cheese

Woman's Weekly / 6th June 1969

Another ad in this excellent series!

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We Must Have Even More Cheese

Woman's Weekly / 30th May 1969

Who would have thought that the Cheese Bureau could be responsible for such a great campaign? I know Sheila Bernette was the woman, but I’m not sure who the boy is. If he didn’t go into acting afterwards, that’s one hell of a waste.

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Cheeky little bastard!

Woman's Weekly / 4th April 1969

We’ve already got an advert from the Cheese Bureau on here, but I couldn’t resist this one. She doesn’t even look fat! What this ad fails to mention is that cheese has a fat content, so may not be the ideal slimming food at all…

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New Zealand Cheddar

Woman's Own / 14th July 1967

According to this ad, New Zealand Cheddar is the ‘Master of Tasty Surprises’. My boyfriend makes much the same boast. He doesn’t try to make Cauliflower Cheese and Macaroni Cheese look posh by giving them foreign names, though.

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We Must Have More Cheese

Woman's Own / 21st March 1969

THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS ISSUED BY THE CHEESE BUREAU TO MAKE YOU THINK. I can only surmise that cheese sales were in crisis in 1969, given the desperate tone of this ad copy.

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