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Woman's Weekly / 18th June 1965

Well, as a plus-sized lady, this advert for the now well-known clothing store Evans (then D.H.Evans), was of great interest. It’s not a stand-alone advert for the store, but part of a slightly patronising feature for the ‘not-so-slender’. Hm. Of course, this might have been out of necessity, as a dress pattern is also included, presumably because the mainstream patterns weren’t designed for bigger women. I remember my mother (a plus-sized lady herself) telling me that Evans were awful in the ’60s, with frumpy designs, and this does seem to be a case in point. 10 years ago, I would have recoiled at that dress, but, now I’m in my mid-30s, I can start to see the appeal. Evans is nowadays part of the Arcadia chain, but, despite the recession, is still a major high street retailer. Even though, frankly, I still think it’s a bit rubbish. At least Evans’ heart is in the right place nowadays, with great plus-size models, rather than the rather niche, ashamed-of-itself image it’s giving in this piece!

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