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…to Gypsy Creams. After a bit of a painful rebirth, the site has now been revamped, meaning I can now share full articles with you, rather than just single-page slices of the past. For those of you who had accounts with the site, my apologies; moving to another blogging platform means you’ll need to re-register, but it won’t take long.

Hopefully you’ll agree that the new incarnation of the site is easier to navigate, with categories and tags to help you if you’re looking for, say, a Mary Marryat fix, or if you fancy seeing some ’60s fashion.

So, it only remains for me to thank my heroic webmaster, John Hoare, with a pat on the back to Jonathan Capps for his database assistance, and a hearty handshake for Dave Jeffery for the new Gypsy Creams font, Placard. Enjoy!

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