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Weekend / 30th January 1974

Good jobs. Good money. Good times; with a ‘lively’ posting in Northern Ireland, I expect. Although it must be emphasised that being on the front line isn’t the only career being promoted here. Long-term readers will recall adverts for nursing also concentrating on pay and holidays/time off, which is something unthinkable nowadays, not least because large nationalised organisations with collective pay bargaining are becoming something of the past. I suspect Thatcherism, with its emphasis on ‘hard work’ (but only for a certain section of the population) did for this sort of advert, as questions around holiday & benefits are now considered taboo in job interviews, as if all jobs were a selfless vocation, rather than a honest exchange of labour/skill for money. Again, this coyness about benefits seems to disappear the further you get up the greasy pole. Curious!

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Matty on 11 July 2013 @ 5pm

Interesting how close the uniforms look to those of WWII even though the vehicles look more ’60s/’70s.

Tanya Jones on 11 July 2013 @ 6pm

I suspect this has more to do with the change of combat location, as this Wikipedia entry identifies the uniform above as ‘Warm weather barrack dress’:
The ad suggests the soldiers are training on MoD land, whilst we’re now very familiar with the Desert combat dress identified in that list. I recognise the Temperate combat dress from Northern Ireland news footage.

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