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Hilarious Health Claims of Yore

Woman's Weekly / 30th April 1965

I don’t know for sure whether Lucozade was regularly recommended for an upset stomach by the medical profession in the past, but my mother certainly gave me Lucozade when I was sick as a child. However, the Wikipedia entry states clearly that it’s not recommended for sodium and electrolyte replacement.

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Jam Shambles on 16 June 2012 @ 8pm

I always used to have Lucozade when I was poorly, Lucozade and Heinz Tomato soup :-)

Tanya Jones on 16 June 2012 @ 8pm

I expect the tomato soup did you more good :)

Jam Shambles on 17 June 2012 @ 7pm

Quite possibly! Just found this:

“Lucozade was created by chemist William Owen in a shop in Barras Bridge, Newcastle, in 1927.
He already had a mineral water factory and had previously experimented with providing a source of energy for those who are sick.
It was made available in hospitals throughout Britain under the name Glucozade before being changed to Lucozade in 1929.”

Imagine being given Lucozade in hospital?! Lol!

Tanya Jones on 21 June 2012 @ 8am

I think that’s why it had the cellophane wrapper for so many years, to give the effect that it was ‘medical’!

Martin Fenton on 6 May 2014 @ 1am

Interesting to see that they were already using the “Lucozade Aids Recovery” tagline back then. They quietly dropped it in the mid-1980s, when AIDS first hit the news. Shortly after that (but not necessarily because of it), the whole product was re-branded – the cellophane was dropped and plastic bottles and new flavours launched.

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