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Woman's Weekly / 11th July 1969

Ah, potted beef. I can still taste the memory of it on buttered toast, and it’s probably no mistake that it’s being marketed here as a kids’ food. The tablecloth is a little something for Mum, even if she’s an army wife!

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Charlie Albright on 9 January 2012 @ 9pm

Mmmn Salmon spread sandwiches in soggy old Wonderloaf bread (very peculiar shade of white)
-every Sunday it seemed?

Mike on 9 January 2012 @ 10pm

These are still around now an make meat paste, The lids on jars in those days were metal an the jar did not have a screw thread as you had to pierce the top to let the vacume escape, you then pushed the lid off with your thumbs. These lids were yellow as i have dug a few on an old tip.

Jam Shambles on 11 January 2012 @ 11pm

I love Sutherlands potted beef! :o) NOMNOMNOM! I’ve never been able to find it down here though, the closest I can find is Shipphams Beef (in the tiny jars), the Princes stuff tastes like YUCK!

Charlie Albright on 16 January 2012 @ 10am

Yes Jam Shambles the Shipphams and Princes’ stuff does not seem to taste of anything,except chemicals.
but Asda do a nice own range with an Italian name I cant remember right now, very tasty with the more modern flavours of chilli and coronation chicken available as well.

Jam Shambles on 23 January 2012 @ 2am

Noted, thanks Charlie! Though I’m off up North tomorrow so might see if I get chance to pick up some of the good stuff :oD

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