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Bad Hair Holiday

Woman's Weekly / 25th June 1965

Here’s another advert insulting older women from Prom. This time, they’re suggesting that it’s even worth cancelling your holiday if you’re not happy with your hair. After all, you wouldn’t want to show your husband up, would you?

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Jam Shambles on 20 October 2011 @ 1am

I found a selection of Prom adverts for your amusement: Looks like it was named after the company and called Toni in Australia.

Jam Shambles on 20 October 2011 @ 1am

I also found this: I am most intrigued!

Tanya Jones on 20 October 2011 @ 5pm

WOAH. And we only have to wait until we’re in our sixties to find out what that shyster did! I wonder why?

Jam Shambles on 20 October 2011 @ 8pm

I’ve had a good search and haven’t been able to find anything about PROM counterfeiting or controversy surrounding Blau. I wonder what happened?

James A. Duly on 22 October 2011 @ 6pm

I remember my mother using home perms and the horrible smell that they created. I dreaded her announcing she was using a home perm!

Charlie Albright on 26 October 2011 @ 3pm

Very funny cartoon love it.I think women enjoyed being kept in check in those days by men? These days there does not seem to be any discernible difference in the sexes?Seeing young women built like tree trunks with parallel lines straight down,swearing,belching and farting with their bum hanging out their trousers is no big deal but in 1965 absolutely not, as that sort of behaviour was perhaps confined to the male builder (for example) and only in company of other males.

Tanya Jones on 27 October 2011 @ 9pm

Yeah, of course women enjoyed it, Charlie…women’s libbers were crazy, right?

Gill S. on 15 December 2011 @ 11am

Of course! All crazy, us. We secretly enjoy being controlled, potentially subject to untold abuse behind closed doors (with nobody to turn to because we “made him do it”, of course, confined to the home whether or not we actually want to stay there and raise the children, treated like second-class citizens or infantilised… Who wouldn’t want that life, eh Charlie??


Incidentally…I stay home and raise a child. I choose to. That’s the important bit.

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