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Your Letters to Matron

Woman's Weekly / 9th April 1965

I thought this was an interesting example of how much things have changed over the last 40-odd years. The reply about guessing the sex of a child gave me a wry smile, as the big decision for expectant parents nowadays is whether they’re going to wait until the baby is born. The poor mum being wound up by her friend over hiccups made me laugh, and the chapped legs issue made me very glad that kids are allowed to protect their legs nowadays! That poor lad…

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Jam Shambles on 13 September 2011 @ 8pm

The picture at the top of the page makes it look like the child is the ‘Matron’ who is answering the questions. This amuses me :)

Tanya Jones on 14 September 2011 @ 10am

It does, doesn’t it? I wonder why ‘Matron’ is anonymous?

Martin Fenton on 15 September 2011 @ 7am

Perhaps it was a hack job – there was no particular, regular “matron” to speak of?

Tanya Jones on 15 September 2011 @ 11am

Sounds likely, doesn’t it? I have visions of WW ringing up various maternity hospitals!

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