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Woman's Own / 13th June 1969

Seeing as Spring’s in the air, I thought this groovy ad might help us all look forward to seeing the sun on a regular basis. All together now: #Hey, Mr Tambourine Man…#

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Leenie on 2 March 2011 @ 9pm

Love the dress!

Tanya Jones on 2 March 2011 @ 10pm

Yes, a bit longer and it would be perfect!

Jamie on 3 March 2011 @ 8am

There are several sources of “natural protein” that could be used in this shampoo, few of them that you’d want to get in your hair voluntarily.

Tanya Jones on 3 March 2011 @ 10am

I’ve heard that the one made exclusively by men is good for making invisible ink. Who knew?

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