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Hem Marker

Woman's Weekly / 4th April 1969

Yes, a time-saver! As long as you’ve got the time to assemble it and stand stock still, that is. And move exactly when and where you’re meant to so you get a straight line. Simple.

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Kif on 21 March 2011 @ 12pm

One of the main features of the sixties was an awareness of time and time saving. The very concept of ‘modernity’ was deemed inseparable from being ‘busy’. Other than in holiday ads, no one was ever portrayed as modern yet somehow ‘not busy’. So anything “timesaving” or any contribution to time management skills were seen as essential, topical and appropriate. We were all ‘busy, busy, busy’. This was because progress & growth was all and any lack of expeditiousness was seen as slouching. Like a capitalist version of East Gemany, progress had to be earned. Hurry while stocks last!

Londis on 22 March 2011 @ 12pm

Why does she want a straight line of chalk on her clothes though? I don’t even understand it.

Tanya Jones on 22 March 2011 @ 1pm

It’s to mark the hemline: presumably she’s going to fold it up on that line or at least stitch the hem to that line, then rub/wash it off. Wearing the dress inside-out would make more sense, really…

Fionnuala on 12 April 2011 @ 11pm

I like the repetition of “right away” (“Do send for your hem marker right away”) — the false urgency, the “not liking you to be disappointed”.

Tim HJ on 25 July 2011 @ 8pm

Very few people know that the manufacturer of this product had actually diversified. Up until the year before this ad, they had been promoting the device as an aid to farmers, but the Egg Marketing Board (as mentioned in one of the other posts on this page) thought that a ‘Hen Marker’ sounded a bit cruel.

Chloe on 16 January 2012 @ 5pm

My Mum has one of these, I inherited it and, you may not believe me but, it’s awfully useful; particularly for marking the hem at the back of a skirt! Skirts with any fullness need to hang for at least a day to allow the material to relax, this means that you can’t just hem around at a set turn up, also, you can’t just turn up a set amount from the waistband down – particularly if, like me, you’ve got too much tum! So, it turns out to be handy after all :)

Just thought I should let you know, and say thank you for the humour and nostalgia at seeing the old magazines and adverts from my early childhood/the ones that used to line the drawers.

Tanya Jones on 18 January 2012 @ 2pm

Thanks, Chloe! I’m pleased someone out there is making use of the Hem Marker!

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