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Miss Pears 1969

Woman's Weekly / 23rd May 1969

I imagine most people reading this will remember the Miss Pears competition, which promoted the Pears soap brand in the UK. There’s a newspaper article online suggesting that it ended in around 1997, in reaction to a change in demographic, but it’s a shame that the official Pears site doesn’t work properly in Firefox OR IE8 (seriously, Pears?), so I’ve got no idea what the official reason is!

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David L on 4 February 2011 @ 10pm

Pears soap changed beyond recognition a couple of years ago, losing its distinct, timeless fragrance (it now has more of a strong insecticide smell to it), and it’s no longer suitable for people with skin allergies. It seems like the company that owns Pears is no longer interested in the kind of customers the brand used to attract.

Rachael Hampton on 14 July 2015 @ 10pm

I was entered for Miss Pears1969 competition. I didn’t win but I was entered

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