Gypsy Creams

Cape Pears

Woman's Realm / 18th March 1967

Ah, the sweet taste of…oh, sorry, I’ve already done that one. It’s an admirable attempt to get consumers to recognise that sometimes, fruit on its own can be great, but I’m not tempted, sadly.

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Estelle on 8 November 2010 @ 9pm

I’d like to see the kids attempting to eat them with a knife and fork and see the pears skidding across the room. That ad actually does tempt me to eat a pear though, although not in a mental way.

Tanya Jones on 8 November 2010 @ 9pm

I don’t know why they’re so worried about people ‘wasting the juice’ anyway: didn’t they lick the juice off their arms, like a normal person?

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