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Bread, jam, and emotional blackmail…

Woman's Weekly / 11th April 1969

So there you are. The Flour Advisory Bureau are suggesting that if you don’t feed your kids bread, you’re a bad mother. At least pseudo-sciency bullshit used to be more clearly attributable back in 1969…

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Beelzebub on 10 August 2010 @ 1pm

Apart from the typography that could be a current Bonne Maman jam advert.

Tanya Jones on 10 August 2010 @ 4pm

Just realised I got the name of the agency wrong! And yes, it does look Bonne Maman-ish. It certainly makes me want jam…

Estelle on 10 August 2010 @ 9pm

Mmm, salty butter, sweet jam, thick slice of bread. It is definitely working on me.

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