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The Sweet Taste of Apartheid…

Woman and Home / 1st January 1962

Obviously, it was the South Africa ad which caught my eye here, but I thought you’d all enjoy the full page of adverts. I love the evocative nature of the Templeton’s and Flexcello ads, documenting a world long gone, and I found the Venner Autopoint ad interesting, as there’s been many attempts over the years to devise timers for electric devices, none of which have caught on.

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TheLeen on 25 April 2010 @ 10am

“Osman towels hug you dry”: Lovely!

Zagrebo on 25 April 2010 @ 10am

The “added enjoyment” bit in the South African fruit ad is a bit worrying, it’s as though it’s suggesting that you’ll get an extra kick from buying produce from a country under a racist regime.

Martin Fenton on 25 April 2010 @ 12pm

We found a Venner Autopoint electricity timer in my wife’s Grandad’s loft after he died. As can just about be seen from the photograph, it had one of those highly flammable, woven fabric, electric iron leads going into it. You needed a screwdriver to get into it to change the on/off times. Either that or one of those little hammers used for getting into fire alarms. Two-pin plug, too.

My own electricity timer, being made completely of plastic, is a disappointment by comparison. They just don’t use real glass enough these days.

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