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Woman's Own / 14th July 1967

With apologies to Harry Hill. Don’t you just love old-style magazine competitions like these? Here’s you can put a series of photographs of Michael Caine in order of which one arouses you the most. I don’t know who was the judge of this silly competition, but I’m guessing that they probably pulled the winning entry out of a hat. Nice prize though (the cash prize is roughly an average woman’s yearly salary at that time): but I suppose at 3d a guess, you only need 120,000 entries (assuming they all have only one guess, with 4 attempts = 1s, and 20,000s making up £1000*) before you start turning a profit!

* I think my maths is correct, but let me know if you can be bothered checking!

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Estelle on 5 April 2010 @ 8pm

F isn’t a million miles from Harry Hill, as it goes. Love that there’s a definitive answer to this competition! For the record, it’s G for me.

Tanya Jones on 9 April 2010 @ 9am

The funny thing is that there isn’t: the solution at the bottom to last week’s competition states that it’s open to rescrutiny, which is surely a green light to any timewasters out there to continually challenge them! I can’t imagine any competition doing this nowadays. Also, the competition is quite cleverly designed to give a high chance of more than one entrant choosing the same order of photos, so I doubt they ever DID give away that car!

Zagrebo on 25 April 2010 @ 10am

Ten?! Ten pictures of Michael Caine where he looks basically the same in each that have to be placed in order of sexiness? They must have been giggling behind their hands when they came up with that one, the naughty 1960s “creatives”.

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