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Woman's Own / 14th July 1967

Andrews for ‘inner cleanliness’? I always thought it was meant to help your body recover from over-indulgence in alcohol, rather than something you should take on a regular basis. Frankly, the link between a hangover aid and garden furniture is…interesting, to say the least.

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Martin Fenton on 21 April 2010 @ 4pm

God, no – it “keeps you regular.” My mother was a slave to the stuff for years. I could never stomach it, not even the short-lived fruit version they brung out at one point.

Martin Fenton on 21 April 2010 @ 4pm

P.S. I love that they publicise a discount of £3 7/6 as 37/6 to make it look like more!

Tanya Jones on 21 April 2010 @ 6pm

My friend and yours, Mr Barfe, also swears by it as a pick-me-up. I’ve never tried it myself. Good spot on the prices: I’d like to know more about whether there were any rules as to when you expressed prices in lsd or just sd, but your comment suggests not!

Martin Fenton on 23 April 2010 @ 9am

No idea, but I need to correct myself. I meant to put 67/6, which is obvious from the ad. Sorry – I’m a twit.

Tanya Jones on 23 April 2010 @ 10am

I thought that’s probably what you meant!

nickheath on 17 November 2010 @ 4pm

a very style of cartoon man was used in the late 60s… i’ve seen him elsewhere…

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