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Cambridge Formula Dietary Loaf

Woman's Own / 14th July 1967

Ladies! Lose weight by eating our over-priced bread! To help you put the incredible price of 1/9 into context, Rimmel nail polish was advertised at 1/10 a bottle in the same magazine. Zowzers. I don’t know if you lost lbs on this diet, but you certainly lost £s…

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Beelzebub on 16 March 2010 @ 5pm

Plus, everyone knows you must only eat the crusts if you’re “slimming” which also has the added advantage of making you hair curly.

Bltp on 18 March 2010 @ 10am

love your site excellent Idea must dig out my “volu-beans” ad!

jan on 2 August 2013 @ 3pm

I regularly bought this Cambridge Formula loaf in the 1960s and loved it. It was delicious and as it was very filling you did not need to eat very much of it to feel full and satisfied. Suddenly, after a year or two, it disappeared off the supermarket shelves much to my regret. I am sure it was far more nourishing than any bread in recent years.

ruth bashford on 7 July 2016 @ 6pm

I remember the Cambridge Formula Loaf. The trouble was the butter you put on the bread was much more ‘fattening’ than the bread, but I didn’t know that then.

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