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We Must Have More Cheese

Woman's Own / 21st March 1969

THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS ISSUED BY THE CHEESE BUREAU TO MAKE YOU THINK. I can only surmise that cheese sales were in crisis in 1969, given the desperate tone of this ad copy.

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Sarah on 1 February 2010 @ 10pm

i hope they mean paneer curry. like cheddar curry sounds crazy

VC on 1 February 2010 @ 11pm


Dave on 2 February 2010 @ 11am

Cheese Curry?

I was so enamoured with the idea of a Cheese Bureau that I googled it and sadly it doesn’t look as though they are still representing cheese interests, but I did find out that they came up with the slogan “Cheese Please Louise”. And this on a wikipedia entry about ploughman’s lunches:

“The July 1956 edition has a report of the activities of the Cheese Bureau, which: ‘exists for the admirable purpose of popularising cheese and, as a corollary, the public house lunch of bread, beer, cheese and pickles. This traditional combination was broken by rationing; the Cheese Bureau hopes, by demonstrating the natural affinity of the two parties, to effect a remarriage.'”

I miss the Cheese Bureau.

Tanya Jones on 2 February 2010 @ 11am

Hey, it was the crazy ’60s: they could well have meant cheddar curry. Blergh.

Martin Fenton on 2 February 2010 @ 4pm

1969 was the year the Cheese Marketing Board (or somesuchlike) issued the advert with the bazouki music parodied by Monty Python. The original advert sported the tagline, “Buy twice as much cheese this week – AND HAVE FUN,” which is arguably funnier than any part of the Python skit.

Aladdin’s salmonella house in Stoke-on-Trent was selling “Chicken Paneer” with cheddar cheese as its primary ingredient as late as 1998. Indian friends of mine find it both laughable and disgusting.

Tanya Jones on 2 February 2010 @ 6pm

Martin, both of those are fascinating facts, which makes me forgive you for the second fact making me feel sick.

Estelle on 2 February 2010 @ 10pm

The Indian over the road from me had cheddar in things rather than paneer. Closed down now though. Although it has made me think that maybe Halloumi curry would work?

This reminds me of the bit in 30 Rock where Liz has made “stoo” and her secret is to replace the water with cheddar.

Martin Fenton on 2 February 2010 @ 11pm

I have had an intolerance to cheese since I was an infant. My father-in-law thinks this is so amusing – even after knowing me for fifteen years – that I’d put money on him being unable to resist passing some comment about how the mere act of my reading this page should make me ill.

TheLeen on 5 February 2010 @ 11am

I’m hungry. I want a rolypoly.

Jam Shambles on 7 February 2010 @ 12am

We must have more cheese!

Jo likes this :o)

Bob Richardson on 15 April 2010 @ 2pm

The woman looks like Sheila Bernette, who is still around in the kids’ series “Hotel Trubble”. She usually played scatty Denise Coffey-type roles.

Tanya Jones on 15 April 2010 @ 8pm

Of course! I’ve just realised she’s in The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins as well. Good to know she’s still working: thanks, Bob!

Applemask on 29 May 2010 @ 12pm


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