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Woman and Home / 1st January 1962

Great ad: shame that it’s for suet. If you don’t know what suet is, here’s the Wikipedia entry. Blegh. Also, I have NEVER heard of ‘hard sauce’, and was fascinated by the ‘Robin Hood Roll’ being called ‘Quorn Roll’ when Quorn is now a well-known meat substitute.

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Estelle on 27 February 2010 @ 6pm

Mmm, suet. Dumplings!

Tanya Jones on 27 February 2010 @ 10pm

Wish I’d never actually looked up what it WAS, though. I have clear memories of seeing Atora in my nan’s store cupboard.

Estelle on 28 February 2010 @ 9pm

It’s in mine too!

Martin Fenton on 28 February 2010 @ 11pm

I recommend Atora Light. (I think the term “Light” is relative here.) It’s vegetable suet, suitable for vegetarians. None of that cow’s adrenal gland unpleasantness. Makes excellent dumplings and puddings.

Tanya Jones on 1 March 2010 @ 6am

Thank you, Martin. It sounds a lot less unpleasant. I suppose it’s my fault for looking at the Wikipedia page…

Estelle on 1 March 2010 @ 11am

Oh yes, the Light version is very good.

Martin Fenton on 1 March 2010 @ 7pm

Janine points out that “hard sauce” is actually Brandy Butter. Being made of marge, though, it’s more akin to Eddie Hitler’s Vodka Margarine.

Tanya Jones on 1 March 2010 @ 8pm

Crikey. Say thanks to her for me!

Jam Shambles on 7 March 2010 @ 6pm

I use the veggie suet to make dumplings, I <3 it!

Terry Collmann on 13 March 2010 @ 10am

I believe “Quorn” is being used here in the sense of the area in Leicestershire near Melton Mowbray that gave its name to the Quorn Hunt (which is foxhounds, not a search for vegetatian meat substitute). See here

Tom on 14 March 2010 @ 12am

Here on the other side of the pond, in the USA, our family has made a pudding from an old family recipe almost identical to the “Six Gun Special” every Christmas. And we’ve always referred to the sauce that goes over it as “hard sauce” as well!

Tanya Jones on 14 March 2010 @ 10pm

Thanks to you both, Terry and Tom!

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