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Smooth Hands for Baby…

Woman's Weekly / 9th March 1957

Because, y’know, a bit of rough skin might damage them irreversibly, or something. All part of the rather depressing message sent to women that they not also had to work all the day long in the house, but they couldn’t show any symptoms of having done so, because reality might upset not only their husband, but their children as well.

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Estelle on 24 January 2010 @ 10pm

How odd, was just talking to my mum about Sunlight soap yesterday, remembering our visit to Port Sunlight. I tell you what though, if their claims are true it would be a boon. My hands have never been so dry since having a baby, washing them all the time cos they get filthy!

Tanya Jones on 26 January 2010 @ 11am

I can’t help but think that Sunlight would still be popular if the claims WERE true…

Mike on 9 January 2012 @ 11pm

I dug a jam jar with part of a wrapper inside for this soap, it was yellow and blue with soap written in red. 50s is spot on because there were an abundance of Dreen shampoo bottles to as that was popular back then.

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