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10 Most Bizarre Sexist Adverts

Wow. Although I’m very happy bringing you the best/worst of advertising from my own collection, the Times have displayed a collection of images from blogs who are focusing on outrageously sexist adverts. My favourite is the Lysol advert, which made me cover my lady parts in horror, especially when the ad talked about alternative ‘remedies’, like salt. Salt?! Enjoy, gentle readers…

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Dave on 23 November 2009 @ 11am

“Appealing daintiness is assured”

Is horror one of the alternative remedies then Tanya?

Tanya Jones on 23 November 2009 @ 2pm

Yes. Yes it is.

TheLeen on 23 November 2009 @ 2pm

There are fairly sexist adverts around still. They pretend to be tongue-in-cheek and we all find them more or less funny, but they still sell the stuff not with humour but with macho clichés (I’m thinking of popular deodorant adverts, softdrinks, …) – what will the people of 2060 think of us?

Tanya Jones on 23 November 2009 @ 2pm

I’ve always felt uneasy about the Lynx adverts: which just seems like the old-fashioned ‘pheromone spray’ ones. It’s interesting that older deodorant adverts aimed at women suggest that they will be more attractive to men if they use the product, because modern ones don’t take that approach. The only other way deodorant is sold to men is the suggestion that they’ll be able to play sport without stinking, of course, and both approaches seem to have been used without any real changes for at least 30 years or so…

Morgy on 27 November 2009 @ 9am

I had to cringe at the Lysol ad. Isn’t Lysol to clean the house with?

Tanya Jones on 27 November 2009 @ 2pm

From the sounds of it: yes.

Morgy on 30 November 2009 @ 12pm

We used to have Lysol in the US. We cleaned the floor with it and it had a pine fresh scent. Lovely if it smelled like that your lady bits would spell like a pine forest.

Tanya Jones on 30 November 2009 @ 4pm

Maybe there were men out there who really did expect a pine-fresh scent…

Sefi on 11 December 2009 @ 11am

“blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere”

“put some fun between your legs”


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