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Burnt Finger?

Woman's Own / 20th March 1970

Well, I hope the Vaseline stays in the cupboard, because I was taught on my First Aid course that, despite what was thought previously, any sort of grease on a burn is a bad idea, as it keeps in heat, making the burn worse, and isn’t sterile, so could be an infection risk. This Wikipedia article is a good summary of the number of uses Vaseline was thought to be suitable for, some of which have been debunked. Vaseline can, of course, be very useful: just not on burns!

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TheLeen on 17 October 2009 @ 6pm

So, is it vaseline, or petroleum, or jelly? Sounds like three completely different things to me :P

Tanya Jones on 17 October 2009 @ 6pm

Vaseline IS petroleum jelly :)

TheLeen on 17 October 2009 @ 9pm

… bleurgh.

Everyman on 14 March 2010 @ 2pm

Peanut butter and petroleum jelly sandwiches taste horrible.

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